Our Photo Montage Services

One highlight of your wedding night is being able to reminisce on the time you’ve spent together as a couple as well as who you were before you met. Our staff can compile a sentimental Photo Montage of you and your fiancé growing up and falling in love. Jam Music Events will take up to 60 of your photos and show them on our HD Displays while the songs of your choice play in the background. You can even add video and extra pictures for a small fee.

Gathering The Media

Collect your favorite photos from your childhood and your life as a couple and arrange them in the order you’d like them to appear in the montage. Up to 30 days before your wedding, simply supply Jam Music Events with the pictures and/or video (hard or digital copies are fine) and we will do the rest. You can schedule a time to pick up your personal copies of photos before your wedding or we can easily hand them back to you on your wedding night.

Creating the Montage

Once we scan and import your photos into our system, our designers use Adobe Premiere to create a modern, HD video slideshow. A preview of the montage is available upon request if you’d like to see it before your wedding.

The Premiere

Once we determine the perfect time to play the montage, your Wedding DJ and MC will get all of your guests to turn their attention toward our LED Displays. If you prefer, we also have Large-Screen Projectors available for an additional fee. Each of your families and friends will love learning more about who you’re marrying! They will love seeing you both as children and young adults before your lives merged together.

Taking It Home

You can take home your montage as a keepsake for the future. You’re welcome to pick up a copy on DVD or USB at an earlier scheduled date or we will hand the media back to you at the end of your event.

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