About Our MC Services

Do you think your crowd needs an extra “boost”? 1-800-Jam-Music’s MCs will keep the Energy Levels High. Our unique MC work will compliment your Wedding DJ perfectly. 1-800-Jam-Music’s MCs have the voice, charisma and enthusiasm your event needs.

Meet Your MC

After getting to know more about your wedding needs, 1-800-Jam-Music will pair you with the perfect MC for your affair. We will show demos of our MCs and if you’d like, we can setup a date for you to meet the MC before you book them. We have several styles of MC work and a few MCs to choose from, whether you want subtle, elegant announcements; high-energy announcing with plenty of crowd interaction; or a nice happy-medium of both, 1-800-Jam-Music’s Master of Ceremonies will make sure your MC work is spot-on!

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