About Our Live Percussionist Service

Want to take your Entertainment Package to the next level? Add Live Percussion. Jam Music Events Live Percussionists give your DJ’s tracks a whole new life. Your crowd will go wild when they start to hear the thick sounds of the congas, the snap of the snare and the excitement of the cymbals.

Our Live Percussionists are Different

Don’t let anyone else fool you, you can't just put any drummer behind the set. It takes the right person to be out in front with the right talent to hit those drums on beat. Jam Music Events Live Percussion isn’t over the top and isn’t too subtle, our DJs and Percussionists work hand in hand with each other to provide the best possible experience, the music won’t drown out the drums and the drums won’t drown out the music. The style in which the Percussionist plays will accent the DJ’s mixes without taking over. You may have seen it done before, but not the way we do it, we do it the right way so everyone has the best time!

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