About Our Intelligent Lighting Package

To ensure the highest possible energy on the dancefloor, Jam Music Events highly recommends booking an intelligent lightshow with your entertainment package. Your DJ will work hard all night to keep you and your guests dancing, our light show will compliment the DJ’s work by flaring exciting beams of color all around your dancefloor.

Our Lighting Technology

After seeing lighting technology from all sorts of brands and models, we stock with our favorites such as Martin, Chauvet, Entec, American DJ and Elation.

Light Jockey

Depending on the lighting package you book, either one of DJs or MCs with Lighting experience will run the show or you will get a dedicated Light Technician to ensure all of your lighting and effects are setup to get the best possible setup in your Main Ballroom. Our Light Technician will ensure that the beams only shine on the dancefloor, walls, and ceilings without hurting your guests’ eyes while they’re at their table.

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