About Our Light Up Towers

The best solution to install professional club lighting and/or TVs in your venue are light up towers. The towers are insanely strong making them ideal for holding the very heavy club lights or large displays, they can be covered with a white screen, and they can be illuminated with an uplight which makes them the perfect stand when they’re going to be front and center with your entertainment.

Moving Heads

It is most common to mount a Moving Head Light Fixture atop of the Light Up Towers. Moving Heads are the Industry Standard in professional lighting. These lights allow you to shine the light beam ANYWHERE in the room. With these lights, our Light Technicians are able to follow you with a spotlight into the room, spotlight your important dances and add lighting textures to the walls and ceilings.

Flat-Screen Displays

We also offer Flat-Screen Displays to be mounted on the Light Up Towers. Using the Towers to mount the Displays is most ideal in situations where your room is very large and spread out.


Depending on the size and the way your room is set up, we will provide you with the most ideal setup for the light up towers. Please provide us with a floor plan before your wedding so we can discuss where the best spot for the towers are.

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