Why Are DJs So Expensive?

A DJ is "Just a DJ" is not true!. Sure, you can book your friend's nephew for $500, but the $500 DJ will ruin your reception. You're going to spend over $10,000 on your catering hall, $4,000 on your photographer and then leave only $500 for any DJ. You'll have beautiful picture of people having a lousy time. Every cost of Entertainment Packages is completely justified. We take personal care of all of our client's entertainment needs, from the time we spend helping you choose the right DJ, the right MC & the right lighting, to the care we put into making sure all of our equipment is in 100% working order, to the time we take on updating our music catalog and the careful considerations we make when planning on the arrival time to your reception to ensure your milestone event goes off without a hitch!

I'm Afraid the DJ Will Play Music that I Don't Like. Can I Choose all of the Music?

This is a concern for most couples, and a righteous one. I'm sure you've been to events where you didn't like the music, but with our 37 years of expirience, we know how to program the music to you and your crowd. We reccomend no more than 15 requests. Limiting our Entertaining Professionals to a strict playlist will actually hurt your event more than you'd know. When performing live, no one can predict the mood of the night, the vibe can't be determined until all of your guests have entered your Main Ballroom and the DJ utilize his years of expirience to ensure that you and your guests are dancing all night long! Playing the Right Song at the Right Time is the key to a successful celebration.

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